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True Education with Purpose

Circumspect is committed to redefining education in three major ways:

1. Student Mentoring

2. Industry Exposure

3. Portfolio Development

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Is Education truly worth it?

If education is really important, why do so many students find it hard to build successful careers after graduation?

Or, isn't education a scam afterall?

Well, education remains a pivotal key to success in life, despite all odds. Moreso, education is not restricted to the four walls of a school or an institute of learning.

Education, when approached with purpose; enlightens the mind, empowers with knowledge and enhances our capacity to excel.

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True Education Indices (TEI)

1. Comprehensive Course Works

True Education engages learners' minds, and puts their intellect to work. By Work, we refer to comprehensive and up-to-date curriculum sets that facilitates balanced mental, physical and sociological growth and development of students. This helps students to develop a solid foundation for excelling in all future endeavours.

2. Practical Industry Skills

True Education instills the proper and acceptable societal values in students. Moreso, it helps students learn professional ethics alongside developing practical workplace and industry skills. High emphasis is placed on teaching right values, grooming students' characters and building problem-solving skills.

3. Time Tested Credibility

True Education is never a blind guess work. In addition to following time-tested learning path, True Education strives for zero mediocrity, high credibility & good repute. It is licensed by relevant authorities, always up-to-date with industry trends, advances, and regularly accredited. It is sustainable, both for educators and learners.

4. Job Worthy Certificates

True Education culminates in a point where the student attains mastery of targetted knowledge areas, skillsets, and/or trade domains. After successful assessments, True Education awards proof-of-knowledge certificates. This lays the basis for further studies, employments and other professional pursuits.


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Knowing why you are studying

Many students study for the wrong reasons, and this explains why they obtain poor results. Furthermore, a lot of students are in school because that's the common practice everywhere. They are following popular practice with no set purposes in their mind. Common signals that you are in this category, include:

  • Non-challant or lackadaisical attitude towards studies.
  • Aimless studying without set goals and objectives.
  • You passionately make fun of, jest about or deride students who seem to be diligent and serious about their studies.
  • You believe education is a waste of time, and see no reason why others should take studying as a serious endeavour.

Knowing why you study helps you stay focused and motivated throughout school. With a set purpose in mind, you will find it easier to pull through every challenge that you might encounter.

Engaging in Healthy Competition without Comparison

Healthy competition is encouraged among students as it gives room for growth and helps to improve on one another's abilities. Yet, it is so easy to drift from healthy competition to undue comparison with others.

Undue comparisons gives room for Selfish Ambitions, Envious Jealousies, Self-Limiting Mindsets and Unhealthy Rivalries. Signs that you are might be drifting into undue comparisons include:

  • You unnecessarily hoard useful materials from other students.
  • You are overly concerned about outperforming others than improving on yourself.
  • You are seriously intimidated by the performances of others around you.

Having a mindset that those who perform well have a special ability which you do not have, places a self-imagined limitation on your ability to improve and become better.

Believing that whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing very well...

To be excellent is to believe and strive to attain perfection. It is to have a desire to do things in outstanding ways and achieve exceptional results. To be a mediocre on the other hand, is to be satisfied with average performance and see no reason for going extra miles in order to produce great results. Dangers of indulging in mediocrity includes:

  • Relegating yourself to a "not-bad, not-good" position where no one can recommend you for any important project or cause.
  • Disqualifying yourself upfront from great opportunities that lie ahead.
  • Wasting the great potentials that lies within you, and not being able to maximize your potentials.

Excellence distinguishes you and helps you stand out from the crowd. In addition, it qualifies you for great opportunities and gives you a platform to shine.

Wishing alone isn't enough. Were wishes, horses; beggers would ride

Having great dreams, aspirations, ideas or visions are not good enough, if they are not adequately backed with the right amount of self-discipline.

Self-Discipline involves setting rules and standards for yourself as well as the ability to act and work in accordance without distractions.

To be self-disciplined requires having sheer amount of willpower, persistence, and a strong sense of purpose. Among many other benefits, self discipline helps to:

  • Stay focussed on your goals and dreams.
  • Fight off distractions, laziness and procrastination.
  • Increase or Heighten your chances of succeeding.


Ranging from mentoring students, supporting them in their research and facilitating ease of internship placement; we have diverse services aimed at one major purpose: helping students achieve good success in their studies and careers.

Student Mentoring

Mentoring gives students opportunities to learn from the insights and wealth of knowledge of experienced individuals who have gone ahead of them. Mentoring helps students to avoid common career pitfalls, and also creates room for goal-setting accountability.

Industry Internship

Securing highly relevant internships at the right place and time can be very challenging. Our platform helps students find the best internship opportunities around them. We believe students can enjoy fair work-place treatment as long as they are committed to acquiring practical knowledge and experiences.

Research Support

Many of the researches/projects completed by students end up on an office shelf or some library archives. It is high time students stopped working on such projects or researches. Our platform aid students in embarking on impactful researches and project works.

Career Portfolio

Certificates alone no longer guarantee students access to good employments. In addition to good certificates, students must build portfolios that demonstrates that they have adequate practical knowledge, and skills for excelling in the work place.

Research and Projects Portfolio

Find impactful and challenging projects from companies around you. Submit interest in carrying out a project. Find project partners or form research group within or outside your higher institution. Get Company's Approval. Commence and Deliver Project within Schedule. Build Portfolio.

Platform Usage Fee

We understand that students need every possible support to succeed in their studies. So, at the most basic level, we do not charge students for using our platform. Our aim is to build an all-inclusive platform that helps students excel in their studies and/or any chosen career, without costing them a fortune.

So, in order for us to be sustainable, we are experimenting with an emerging web technology payment model that only charges our user at a highly fractional rate for selected premium services on the Circumspect platform. Most importantly, we ensure that you get the best possible contents even if you don't have a dime.

Questions Students Ask Frequently

  • To succeed, you must take the responsibility for your life and destiny. While the education system in your country might not be supportive enough, determine that you will excel against all odds. Don't blame your failure on 'Poor Educational System.' See challenges as opportunities to grow and develop resilience for achieving outstanding success. This way, the sky will be your starting point in impact and greatness.

  • If you are struggling with funds for tuition, feeding and accomodatoin among many other needs, you must realize that you are not alone. And, we acknowledge from experience that coping in the midst of limited funds can be very hard, especially for students. However, depending on your situation, you might find one or more of the following suggestions helpful:

    • Look for opportunities to teach tutorials or solve assignments in exchange for being paid.
    • Consider work and study opportunities for students in your school or locality. You can check with the Students' Affairs Office in your school. You can also search the internet.
    • Determine to persevere through this phase of your life, and always remember that "Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do".
    • Keep your focus always, on the great future ahead of you.

  • First, you must commend yourself for your efforts so far in studying. You must never be discouraged. Research shows that low rate of comprehension during study can be attributed to various reasons. These include: Poor concentration during study, bad reading habits, wrong approach to study or inadequate pre-requisite knowledge among many other reasons. Endeavour to understand your best assimilation time of the day and your optimal study method. Finally, stick to what works best for you and never copy or compare yourself to others.

  • First, you must know that; whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing very well. Secondly, if you believe your course of study is not worth your time, it's better you find something else doing. You only need to understand that sometimes, the value of a course depends on the amount of effort, commitment and diligence that you give to it. So, the idea is, no course is worthless in itself. What makes the difference is going the extra mile to make value out of whatever you lay your hands on to do.

  • Practicals play vital roles in transferring theoretical knowledge into real-life applications. In addition to the practicals provided by your College or University, you can leverage other avenues in consolidating your theoretical knowledge in any area where your school does not provide practicals. You can consider looking into Self Starter Practical Kits online among other options.

  • If you find that your grades are poor, or realize that you are having a difficult time coping with your studies; you must know that you are not alone. Also, it does not imply that you are doomed to fail in life.

    Most times, poor grades only indicates that we are not getting some things right. Consider speaking with an Academic Counsellor and changing your approach to studying until you find your best fit. To be precise, do not ever give up until you get it right.

  • Managing your time very well is crucial to your success. Yet, there are many subtle ways by which students unknowingly waste their time. To attain maximum productivity as a student, you must shun procrastination, plan your time well and run from individuals (sometimes friends) with conflicting goals and interests.

  • Getting a highly satisfying job after graduation can be a great challenge, especially in many developing countries. You can be sure that employers will not evaluate you on the basis of your certificate(s) alone. For you to have an advantage over others, you must have in addition to your certificate, high-demand skillsets and values that makes you exceptional.

    Better still, you must from now; begin to think beyond getting employed, to creating employment for others. This way, you will put yourself in a position to spot opportunities around you, as well as develop your job employability skills.

  • Developing a good self discipline helps to heighten your tendency to succeed.

    Some ways of improving on your self-discipline as a student include: keeping your focus in view, having set goals, removing all distractions, becoming dissatisfied with mediocrity and having a strong determination to achieve your goals

  • Well, there are countless options available to you, post-graduation. Ranging from opportunities to further your studies (PGDE, MBAs, MSCs, MPhil, PhDs etc.), to enrolling Professional Courses, securing Formal Employments or Starting your own Business; you have a wide variety of options at your finger tips.

    To be factual, you are not constrained to build a career in your first field of study if you are not so inclined. As long as you develop your skillsets, and always open to opportunities, you are sure to find a career worth pursuing.

    The most important thing is that you have an higher institution degree or diploma. As the law of conservation of energy states: "Energy is neither created nor destroyed, but changed from one form to another." In a similar manner, the knowledge you acquire in one field of study or the other is never a waste, and can be transferred to other fields, as long as it brings about a way of solving problems, adding or creating value.

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We are a team of young individuals committed to the cause of True Education and passionate about helping every student achieve good success and great career; challenges notwitshstanding. At the top-most level, we have a Web Developer who helps with developing and maintaining our platform; a Data Scientist who helps us gather and derive useful insights from data; and an Educationist who serves our platform with high-value, engaging and impactful educative contents and resources.


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